Sunday, November 15, 2009

Types of Fashion for Teens in Japan

There are many types of fashion in Japan for teens. Harajuku, Kawaii and Decora, and Ganguro style. Japanese girls likes to be into fashion. they are mostly spend lots of money for this. They buy clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and also spend money in salons. Let's discuss the four types of fashion in Japan.

The Harajuku from the name itself Harajuku refers to an area in Japan Harajuku train station. It is mostly adopted by the teenagers and the young adults in the area of its side streets that have many stores like botiques, used colthes shops and trendy clothes stores. It involves mix and matching of different styles of fashion. Harajuku style does not end with what you wear. Of course, the hair style is important too. There are crazy hairstyle or a cute hairstyle using dye stuff to make it wild and with the match of theatrical makeup and now you are really a Harajuku style.

Kawaii in Japan means "cute" or "pretty". Kawaii fashion generally relates to teenagers or clothes that mostly show the cuteness of the person wearing the clothing. Bright colors or pastels, and raffles in clothing may be worn. About the accessories they use oversize bags or toys featuring anime characters.

means "decoration" mostly adopted by the Japanese young adults and teenagers. It consists of bright colors, layering of accessories and colorful accessories. People who are not actually from japan is sometimes mistakenly called this fruit style because of its colorful accessories and clothing.

Ganguro style consist of bleached hair, both black and white eye liner, deep tan of skin, false eyelashes, platform shoes, lots of bracelets, rings and necklace, flower pins, and wearing mini skirt. Ganguro is a trend of orange and blonde hair. The center of the ganguro fashion is in the district of Shibuya and Ikebukuro in Tokyo Japan. This fashion appereare in early 1990's and is seen wearing by the young women and women in their early 20's to this date.

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