Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adorable Shoes!!

When we're talking about fashion, i know girls would really love to listen. Especially, when they're talking about adorable shoes. I found some lovely and adorable shoes around, and i want show what i found.

This white high-heel shoes with different colors of apple is really adorable. This is perfect for girls who wants high-heels shoes. You can wear it easily and you can match it with you cute clothing. If you decide to wear this, you can apply nail polish to nails and make it colorful like your shoes to be cute!
This shoes is really nice. Especially the colors, it matches all the light color dots to the blue color of the shoes and also the pink ribbon on it. You can wear it with skirts, pants or colorful short whatever you want to wear i know it will all matches to your shoes.
The color and every details of this shoes is very pretty. The two folds with ring on the side attracts the shoes. And also the pink and gray stripe is a good combination of colors. Hearts inside the shoes will not be seen if you are wearing the shoes, but if you take it off you will see that even the detail inside the shoes is cool.
In wearing shoes, you must be comfortable while wearing it. Not just because its fashionable, you will wear it and forget about the comfort of your feet. You also have to choose the perfect color to match to you clothes before you but it, or before you wear it. If you think that some shoes are expensive,and your obsessed with it. The price are pretty reasonable for you to buy it. And i know that you will be satisfied with those lovely shoes.

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