Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Make Your Phone More Lovely?

Cellphones are not only for communication, you can also use this for fashion, just spread your imaginations and creativity to make your phone more lovely. You can put some crystals, ribbons, beads, stickers and everything that is cute or glittery to make it more shiny and cute. By this simple materials you can now make your phone cute and elegant!

Here are some examples of Phones with really cute decorations.

This lavender color phone is decorated with roses, pearls, and swarovski crystals. This glittery beads and crystals add cuteness to your phone. You can put every crystals to all sides to the monitor of your phone. If you want your phone to be cute and lovely, don't combine too much colors like combining the bright colors with dark and with some glittery crystals. Well, it is actually not cute anymore. Use light colors and combine it with light colors too. Like white and pink for girls, and it depends on color of your phone.

If you want your phone to be simple and elegant like this white color phone, decorate your phone with crystal flowers with different size and color and add some little crystal on it. In this example, it only use simple kinds of crystal to decorate the phone to make look simple. And it is also perfect for the color white phone.

This third image is perfect for girls who love the color "pink". Strawberries are delicious, but those three lashing strawberries on the top of the phone are not real. Those strawberries are only decorations. Do you think it's pretty? well, it is really pretty and cool. Pink rose at the bottom right is perfect together with the strawberries and with the different size of crystal. It matches to color of the phone as well to the color of crystals and strawberries. You don't have to use all the remaining space of your phone to put all the decorations you have. Just decide the positions on each parts and use your creativity to make your own phone decorations. Now, you can really have a makeover on your phone it depends to you if you want to make it simple and elegant, or nice and pretty.

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