Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adorable Shoes!!

When we're talking about fashion, i know girls would really love to listen. Especially, when they're talking about adorable shoes. I found some lovely and adorable shoes around, and i want show what i found.

This white high-heel shoes with different colors of apple is really adorable. This is perfect for girls who wants high-heels shoes. You can wear it easily and you can match it with you cute clothing. If you decide to wear this, you can apply nail polish to nails and make it colorful like your shoes to be cute!
This shoes is really nice. Especially the colors, it matches all the light color dots to the blue color of the shoes and also the pink ribbon on it. You can wear it with skirts, pants or colorful short whatever you want to wear i know it will all matches to your shoes.
The color and every details of this shoes is very pretty. The two folds with ring on the side attracts the shoes. And also the pink and gray stripe is a good combination of colors. Hearts inside the shoes will not be seen if you are wearing the shoes, but if you take it off you will see that even the detail inside the shoes is cool.
In wearing shoes, you must be comfortable while wearing it. Not just because its fashionable, you will wear it and forget about the comfort of your feet. You also have to choose the perfect color to match to you clothes before you but it, or before you wear it. If you think that some shoes are expensive,and your obsessed with it. The price are pretty reasonable for you to buy it. And i know that you will be satisfied with those lovely shoes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Make Your Phone More Lovely?

Cellphones are not only for communication, you can also use this for fashion, just spread your imaginations and creativity to make your phone more lovely. You can put some crystals, ribbons, beads, stickers and everything that is cute or glittery to make it more shiny and cute. By this simple materials you can now make your phone cute and elegant!

Here are some examples of Phones with really cute decorations.

This lavender color phone is decorated with roses, pearls, and swarovski crystals. This glittery beads and crystals add cuteness to your phone. You can put every crystals to all sides to the monitor of your phone. If you want your phone to be cute and lovely, don't combine too much colors like combining the bright colors with dark and with some glittery crystals. Well, it is actually not cute anymore. Use light colors and combine it with light colors too. Like white and pink for girls, and it depends on color of your phone.

If you want your phone to be simple and elegant like this white color phone, decorate your phone with crystal flowers with different size and color and add some little crystal on it. In this example, it only use simple kinds of crystal to decorate the phone to make look simple. And it is also perfect for the color white phone.

This third image is perfect for girls who love the color "pink". Strawberries are delicious, but those three lashing strawberries on the top of the phone are not real. Those strawberries are only decorations. Do you think it's pretty? well, it is really pretty and cool. Pink rose at the bottom right is perfect together with the strawberries and with the different size of crystal. It matches to color of the phone as well to the color of crystals and strawberries. You don't have to use all the remaining space of your phone to put all the decorations you have. Just decide the positions on each parts and use your creativity to make your own phone decorations. Now, you can really have a makeover on your phone it depends to you if you want to make it simple and elegant, or nice and pretty.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Types of Fashion for Teens in Japan

There are many types of fashion in Japan for teens. Harajuku, Kawaii and Decora, and Ganguro style. Japanese girls likes to be into fashion. they are mostly spend lots of money for this. They buy clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and also spend money in salons. Let's discuss the four types of fashion in Japan.

The Harajuku from the name itself Harajuku refers to an area in Japan Harajuku train station. It is mostly adopted by the teenagers and the young adults in the area of its side streets that have many stores like botiques, used colthes shops and trendy clothes stores. It involves mix and matching of different styles of fashion. Harajuku style does not end with what you wear. Of course, the hair style is important too. There are crazy hairstyle or a cute hairstyle using dye stuff to make it wild and with the match of theatrical makeup and now you are really a Harajuku style.

Kawaii in Japan means "cute" or "pretty". Kawaii fashion generally relates to teenagers or clothes that mostly show the cuteness of the person wearing the clothing. Bright colors or pastels, and raffles in clothing may be worn. About the accessories they use oversize bags or toys featuring anime characters.

means "decoration" mostly adopted by the Japanese young adults and teenagers. It consists of bright colors, layering of accessories and colorful accessories. People who are not actually from japan is sometimes mistakenly called this fruit style because of its colorful accessories and clothing.

Ganguro style consist of bleached hair, both black and white eye liner, deep tan of skin, false eyelashes, platform shoes, lots of bracelets, rings and necklace, flower pins, and wearing mini skirt. Ganguro is a trend of orange and blonde hair. The center of the ganguro fashion is in the district of Shibuya and Ikebukuro in Tokyo Japan. This fashion appereare in early 1990's and is seen wearing by the young women and women in their early 20's to this date.

Tips in Latest Fashion for Teens

Japan is known for their high-tech gadgets, cool places, delicious foods, cool festival events, and of course for their "fashion" styles.They have everything that a "fashionisnistic" needs in fashion.. cool stuff like accessories, clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets and more.

If you're looking for cool stuff, visit to Tokyo Japan to see and buy. Teenagers love to wear unique and colorful clothes. They are mostly found in some streets in Tokyo Japan. Many designers create items that are inspired by the Harajuku, Ganguro, Lolita, and Punk styles.

These wonderful clothes and accessories inspired by the fashion in Japan can be worn from head to toe for a unique and completely out look. You can choose whatever the style you want to wear depends upon your characteristic.

Here is some example of Fashion style that you can wear in a party or at the bars or clubs. You can wear this red checkered dress with or without colorful or simple stockings depends upon your sense of style.

red checkerd dress


You can wear this red checkered dress with the black and white striped stockings and black high-heel shoes.

You can also add some accessories to your style, but don't make it too much accessory because its not good to the eyes. Here is some example of accessories.

A necklace with a dear pendant is perfectly match to the red checkered dress and together with a colorful handy bag and with the red or black hair clip. The combination of all these stuffs will definitely match to you personality especially if you like the japanese fashion style.

Getting into fashion is not that hard, you just have to mix and match all the stuffs that you have in you cabinet. You don't have to buy all the time. Find something in your closet is enough to make your own fashion. The most important thing is that you must be comfortable of what you are wearing. Don't mind what other people will say about you. Be creative and resourceful all the time. Now, you can spread your cuteness to everyone.